KIU (IEML) is one of the Volga Region's largest socio-humanities centers which systematically carries out research in the field of economics, law, psychology, education, information technologies and other priority areas of knowledge. It holds All-Russian and International conferences in different fields annually.

The fields of research are:

  • Effective anti-extremism work 
  • Effective anti-corruption work
  • Development of public-private partnership
  • Improving the sphere of trade, hospitality, and service
  • Optimization of management based on lean management
  • Technologies of inclusive education
  • Energy efficiency and the ecologization of industry
  • Transaction costs of the educational system
  • Actual problems of demography and immigration policy
  • Synergetic anthropology
  • Promotion of youth entrepreneurship development

The University has its own federal journal “Actual Problems of Economics and Law” where both Russian and foreign scientists publish their scientific works.

For the last 5 years the University’s faculties have published more than 2140 scientific papers, including 180 books and 695 articles in publications of the Higher Attestation Commission of Russia. The faculties of the University annually write more than 310 training manuals and books which are published in its own publishing house "Knowledge” (Poznaniye).

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