Faculty of Service, Tourism and Food Service Management

1.jpgElena Matveeva
PhD in Biology, Professor

Faculty of Service, Tourism and Food Service Management is one of the youngest faculties of Kazan Innovative University named after V. G. Timiryasov (IEML), founded in 2007

The Faculty provides the training of engineers through the multilevel system: basic, intermediate and higher vocational education.
With the help of the integrated curricula, the students explore the cooking profession getting the 3 or 4 grade since the first year of study.

The Faculty consists of 5 departments:

  • Technology and Food Service Management
  • Hotel and Tourist Business
  • Foreign Languages and Theory of Translation
  • Design
  • Marketing and Economics

BACHELOR’S courses:

  • «Socio-cultural Practice»
  • «Engineering Systems of Hotel, Restaurant, Tourist and Sport Complexes»сервис1.jpg


  • «Technology and Organization of Tour Operation and Tour Agent Services»
  • «Technology and Organization of Catering Services»


  • «Commerce»
  • «Marketing»

Food Technology and Food Service Management:

  • «Technology and Organization of Restaurant Business»
  • «Certification of Services and Quality Management for Catering»
  • «Organization of Sports Catering»
  • Hotel Businessсервис.jpg


  • «Design of Environment»


  • «Translation and Theory of Translation»
  • «Theory and Methods of Teaching of Foreign Languages and Cultures»

What is an engineer in the field of food technology?

It is a Bachelor who provides:

  • Developing, implementation and providing technology processes for culinary products of various range and of high quality;
  • Development of technical standards, efficient selection and arrangement of technical equipment, the organization of manufacturing personnel workplaces;
  • Organization of up-to-date service for customers in the public catering enterprises of different types and rates.

On the base of the Faculty the following labs operate and make a great contribution to the effective educational process:

  • Shop Equipment;
  • Chemical;
  • Physical;
  • Microbiology and Control of Production Quality;
  • Food Technology;
  • Food Service Management
  • Merchandizing. 


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