Faculty of Law

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Andrey Nikitin

PhD in Law, Associate Professor


The Faculty has 7 Departments:

  • Theory of State and Law, Public Disciplines
  • Financial and Administrative Law
  • Civil and Entrepreneurial Law
  • International and European Law
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Professional Lawyer’s Activity
  • Philosophy and Social and Political Disciplines 

BACHELOR’S courses:Юристы.jpg

  • «Civil Law»
  • «Criminal Law»
MASTER’S courses:
  • Civil, Entrepreneurial, Private International Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminology, Criminal and Penal Law  

PhD studies:

  • Civil law, Entrepreneurial Law, Family Law, Private International Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminology, Criminal and Penal Law

 First published in the Republic of Tatarstan «Law book for secondary schools» (the base and profile levels in electronic and paper version) is the collective result of the work of our Faculty.

юристы2.jpgThe Faculty is working closely with representative bodies, executive and judicial authorities in order to better integrate theoretical knowledge with practice taught at the Faculty and identify the most relevant themes for students’ research activities. We include practitioners in the state certification committee; determine them as heads of graduation projects. Major public figures and statesmen of the republic have classes with students.  Several faculty members combine teaching with work in the organs of the Lawyers Association, legal departments of various organizations. The Faculty lecturers often serve as consultants and experts in various organizations or individuals in solving important legal issues.

Many of the graduates, they are more than 1000, work in senior positions in various law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Tatarstan and beyond. In the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Tatarstan and at the Apparatus of Magistrates there are 29 graduates of the Institute of Economics, Management and Law and 2 employees combine work and study at the correspondence department of the Institute. Over 20 of the most gifted graduates have stayed at the Institute on teaching, and many of them have defended their dissertations.

For high-quality training the Law Faculty of KIU ( IEML) has its own building of total area of more than one thousand square meters, with modern classrooms, two of them are equipped with multimedia for interactive and communicative teaching of lawyers.

The achieved level of the Faculty training and research is high. The Law Faculty is developing; it withstood the test of maturity and has high scientific, creative and human potential to solve the most difficult tasks in the educational, scientific and legal fields. 

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