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The publishing house «Poznaniye» (Knowledge) is one of the largest institutional publishing houses of the Republic of Tatarstan which was founded in 2006.

The publishing house is responsible for:

Books and conference proceedings:

More than 1000 monographs, collections of scientific papers, conference materials, educational and pedagogical publications of other Universities, including publications under the patronage of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Scientifics journals:

Russian Journal of Economics and Law

Russian Journal of Economics and Law is a reviewed journal focused on a study of complex phenomena in the sphere of economics and jurisprudence including interdisciplinary format. The Journal shows preference to original research that involves theoretical and applied issues of the phenomena, studies on dissonance and harmonization between economic and legal bases and existing reality, improvements in legislation as well as public policy. The Journal is intended for researchers and experts of Russian and foreign scientific institutions and analytical centers.

Journal of Digital Technologies and Law

The Journal of Digital Technologies and Law is an peer-reviewed periodical scientific and practical journal devoted to the study of the synergy of digital technologies and law, as well as possible risks and threats posed by the combination of technological progress, digitalization and development of law.

The journal focuses primarily on innovative and breakthrough original research on the legal aspects of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, virtual and augmented reality technologies, wireless communication and quantum technologies, neurotechnologies and new production technologies, big data and distributed ledger systems, industrial internet and the Internet of Things, machine learning and human-machine interfaces, cloud and bioprint technologies, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, unmanned vehicles and drones, smart contracts and tokens, digital platforms and ecosystems, metaverses and digital worlds, smart home and smart city technologies, LegalTech, FinTech, RegTech, SupTech, etc.

The journal is also open for publishing results of original research on such topics as: ethics of digital technologies, transformations of law under digitalization, ethical and philosophical legal aspects of technological development of the state, digitalization of state governance and legal technologies, legal regimes in the sphere of digital innovations and regulation of digital environment, legal provision of digital security and protection of digital technologies, digital technologies in law making and law enforcement, counteraction to cybercrime and crimes in the sphere of advanced technologies, etc.

Life of the University and its branches is publicized on the pages of the University’s monthly journal «Vesti Instituta» (Institute’s News) that has been in print from 2001. Student newspapers are published at the University, as well:

  • «Institute Times» (the main branch),
  • «Fortochka» (college),
  • «Gaudeamus» (Bugulma branch),
  • «Alternativa» (Zelenodolsk branch),
  • «Timiryasovtsy na Timiryazeva» (Almetyevsk branch),
  • «Studencheskiy Ekvator» (Naberezhnye Chelny branch),
  • «StudDen’» (Nizhnekamsk branch).


  • University Book
  • Humanitarian book

KIU publishing house “Poznaniye” also produces modern and much-in-demand Chinese language textbooks. The problem is that the most of Chinese language textbooks published in Russia have been issued in 1950s-1960s and therefore are obsolete. KIU actively cooperates with the international publishing company “Chance” based in Beijing. In the frameworks of this cooperation series of textbooks and manuals are ready to be published. One of the most important areas is preparation of textbooks for HSK Chinese Proficiency Test.

On the 6th of July, 2016, a cooperation agreement between KIU and Zhejiang Publishing United Group was signed. The purpose of this agreement is preparation of textbooks in all areas, including Chinese language. Zhejiang Publishing United Group is one of the biggest publishing groups in China and employs a total staff of over 8,000.

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