Creative activity

Students of KIU (IEML) have5.jpg an opportunity to unleash their potential not only in educational and research activities, but also in the fields of creativity and sports.

The University has its own annual traditional events, such as Freshmen Matriculation Ceremony, “Health Day” sports festival and others. The annual ceremony “Rector’s Ball” takes place every spring. Only the most ambitious students who have approved themselves in scientific, public, creative and sports activities are invited to this event.

Every year the “Spring drippings” festival takes place in one of the KIU (IEML) branches where students show their creative performances to gain the right to represent the University at the interuniversity student festival “Student spring”. Our students have become triumphants of the “Student spring” numerous times.


Several dancing teams, vocal studio, modeling school, comedy show, student pop sketch, cheerleading team, tourist club and others – those are the fields where students can try themselves in. They can also choose any of sports clubs – football, basketball, volleyball and others.

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