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Application & Admission procedure:

To enter KIU is easy. Do few several steps and become a student of one of the Russian prestigious universities!

Entering a Russian language course:

  • application form;
  • scan of passport;
  • payment certificate (30% from the whole price).

Send your documents to  wait the University submitting and a visa invitation.

Entering Russian universities:

  • certified translation of the passport in the Russian Language (at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country);
  • legalized documents of your previous education (documents should be legalized in the Embassy of the Russian Federation/Ministry of International Affairs in your country – the procedure is called “Embassy legalization”/ “Apostile”);
  • certified translation of legalized/apostiled documents of school/previous education in the Russian Language (in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country);
  • signed agreement;
  • payment certificate;
  • medical certificate, confirming a student hasn’t death diseases and infections;
  • certified translation of the medical certificate, confirming a student hasn’t death diseases and infections (in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country).
  • successfully passed exams in the Russian language and other subjects (selection of subjects depends on what you are going to study on a degree program.  Find out what subjects you need to pass in advance, better one year before in order to pass them successfully).

Rules for studying:

  • attendance of classes is obligatory in Russia (exception in case of sickness, but you need to inform your teacher/international office about it in advance);
  • if you are late more than for 15 minutes your teacher has a right not to allow you to come in;
  • in order to be allowed to pass an exam in the Russian language and other subjects you need to get a minimum of points, which you get due to your attendance of classes, doing your homework and a good work during classes;
  • in Russia students study from Monday to Saturday, be ready to have classes on Saturdays;
  • studying either at Russian universities or at the Russian language course is held on in the Russian language only;
  • in Russia an academic year starts only once in a year and it’s in SEPTEMBER (for degree programs);

Work on student visa

  • Students, who study at the Preparatory Russian language course, are not allowed to work. If they work it means they work illegally. It can lead to their migration from Russia;
  • Students, who study at a Degree Program, are allowed to work if they have:
    1. a confirmation letter from the university, confirming that he/she is a student of the university;
    2. employment agreement from an exact place where he/she is going to work;*
    3. state tax ( approximately 3500 rubles);
    4. attendance of a migration office.**

* When a student brings the employment agreement to the migration office, it means only at this working place he/she will be allowed to work;

** With allowance from the migration office students can work during one year. In one year if they want to continue working at the same place or another one they need to make this procedure again.

  • Students, who successfully passed an exam on a residence permit, are allowed to work in Russia. The exam on the residence permit consists of three parts (Russian language, Russian history and Russian Legislation).

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