Department of Foreign Languages and Translation Studies

Roza Valeyeva

Roza Valeyeva
PhD in Pedagogy

In the Department we train interpreters of:

  • English
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Chinese languages.

Innovative educational technologies are broadly introduced in the department; the most modern equipment is applied in the educational process. In 2008 we opened the most modern language laboratory, the only one in the Volga region, equipped by the unique apparatus of the Finnish company Sanako.

In order to form practical interpreting skills of the students, satellite cable TV has been connected so that different news and informational programs of such channels as BBC and CNN could be watched on-line.

Annually professors from the USA, Europe and Germany visit KIU (IEML) to introduce students of the department to their cultures and languages first-hand.

Interpreters and translators are currently in high demand on the labor market. They may build successful careers in tourism, global economy, be personal interpreters-consultants and take part in business meetings, negotiations, international conferences, scientific symposiums.



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