Structure of KIU (IEML)

  • College (vocational education)
  • University
  • Institute of Distance Learning
  • Institute of Business Education

3 Scientific Research Institutes:

  • Scientific Research Institute for Socio-economic development
  • Research Institute for Anti-Corruption
  • Scientific Research Institute for Social Philosophy 

Due to the initiative of students and staff the following divisions were created:

  • Regional Center for Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Scientific and Educational Laboratory “Business Incubator”
  • International Center for Inclusive Education
  • Center of Adaptation, Rehabilitation and Resocialization “VERA”
  • Psychological Centre «Eventus»
  • Academy of Art and Development "Constellation of Talents"
  • Tourist Agency “TatIntur”
  • Publishing House “Knowledge" (Poznaniye)
  • Volga Region Center for Law Conciliation (Mediation)
  • Driving school
  • Center for student art, studio of audio and video recordings
  • Legal Clinic with the counseling office of the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Tatarstan

KIU (IEML) combines the best traditions of classical university education and the most advanced information technologies. Enhanced study of two foreign languages is compulsory for all students. There are foreign professors in the University who teach using the programs and methods of foreign universities. There are students exchange programs with University of Trier (Germany), Ferris State University (USA) and others. The students have a chance to take part in dual degree programs and after 4 years of study they can obtain 2 diplomas (the second one is from one of the partner universities). There is cooperation in the field of higher education, secondary vocational education and further vocational education with the use of distance learning technologies with the University of Antananarivo, the Malagasy Association of Teachers of Russian Language and universities of the CIS countries.

The University has partnership agreements with the leading universities in all parts of the world. 

The University has its own traditions in student life. There are a huge number of events where the faculty and students are together: "The Ball of the Rector", sporting events, mind games, etc. 

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