English-taught Bachelor’s degree in International Business

The skills and knowledge that you will get upon the completion of the program:

  • Basics of economics, organizational and managerial theories for successful execution of professional activity;
  • Methods of international market opportunities evaluation, structure of business-plan on creating and development new directions of business;
  • Methods of the business organization and characterisitcs of innovative technologies of service and goods production;
  • Has skills of participation in implementing functional and competitive strategy of organizations and companies in international markets;
  • Can determine main tendencies in development of the world economics and analyze consequences of accepted management decisions in international business field.

Teaching staff:

  • All teachers are PhD and Dr degree holders with the continuous practice of more than 15 years.

The program is taught entirely online:

Live practical classes in Microsoft Teams, recorded videolectures on the interactive platform, online assignments.

Students can find the place of internship in their country or arrive to Kazan for that purpose.

Education without leaving the job:

Due to individual scheme of studies 70% of schedule you construct by yourself and can participate in the lecture and do assignment in comfortable for you time. We will consider your preferable time for online live classes.


If you need an education recognition procedure, it will be free for you (check here if you need it). All legalization procedures of our diploma are also free for our graduated. No registration fees, no application fees, no TOEF/IELTS tests!

All students can participate in USA Dual Degree Program with Key West University and get TWO diplomas – Russian and American.

List of courses of the program is in our broschure

Tuition fee: 2000 USD per semester (or 4000 USD per year)

For Dual Degree Program participants – 3000 USD per semester (or 6000 USD per year).

The program duration: 4 years

Documents submission deadline: July 1

Application requirements:

  • Scan of passport+notarized translation on the Russian language;
  • Scan of previous educational document+notarized translation on the Russian language;
  • Consular legalization stamp/apostile if it is required (we will inform you).

Entry requirements:

  • Complex exam (minimal score – 40).
  • Essay.

Payment deadline: August 1

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